Roof 14 as “Rainbow stage” in Finland

Ruisrock is the 2nd oldest rock festival in Europe, founded back in 1970. For the 47th edition we became part of a cult festival with our silver / black roof 14 as the new „Rainbow stage“.

Many well-known performers entertained the audience in front of more than 100,000 visitors. Although one of the smaller stages of the festival, Roof 14 from its 9m height, left a sense of grandiosity in front of a crowded crowd during the performance of the famous Darude. According to a statement from Finnish Yle, the 41-year-old artist truly enjoyed performing on a sunny summer day – especially when the Rainbow stage was crowded.

Roof 14 as
Roof 14 as
Roof 14 as


Turku, Finland
07. – 09. July 2017.
No. domes

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