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The future of the event industry is to ensure the valuable loyalty of the empowered consumer by giving them something different, something emotional, social, and real.

Following this guideline we have refined our products over and over again, developing more efficient methods of assembly, and paying attention to the slightest details. Due to everything mentioned, we are the only manufacturer of geodesic domes whose models can be assembled as a complete enclosed dome but also as a concert roof.

The ingenuity of our domes lies in their specific shape that allows exceptional modularity and customization to fit every role and situation which allows them to meet any practical and aesthetic needs. With its sleek frame in the shape of a hemisphere, they provide exceptional load-bearing capacity and resistance to weather conditions.

With years of experience, and activity in the industry, we have established a brand that leaves the impression of quality and excellence, as well as promptness in the performance of work.

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Kupole – bolje od šatora d.o.o.

Lučko 47b, 10250 Zagreb, Croatia

OIB: 77581043464

Tel +385 (1) 5803 419

E-mail info@kupole.hr

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Kingdome is a glamping version of our dome that comes with all the connections, so you can just plug it or set up a solar power cell solution at those remote, wild, desirable locations where plain camping would be too tough on the guests.

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