About us

About us

About us

Kupole – bolje od šatora d.o.o. is a company engaged in the production, rental and sale of geodesic domes, founded in Zagreb in 2011. The foundation of the company was preceded by three years of product research and development, and all of the components were manufactured exclusively in the domestic market.

Keywords of our business

We are the only manufacturer of geodesic domes in the world whose all models can be assembled as a complete enclosed dome, but also as a semi-open cortical roof. This original concept has proven to be extremely successful, especially in the summer months.


Our products

The construction of our domes is made of extremely solid components, is optimized to withstand extremely high loads, and our practical consideration of its functionality has led to a completely original modular approach to the construction of geodesic construction. Membranes are a key aesthetic and functional component of this product, and we have paid special attention to their development. Our membranes are made of premium quality materials and include a range of patents that enhance their aesthetics and functionality, as well as their ease of use and maintenance.

Following the market trends, we have been developing our products and designing specific products accordingly for different business segments. This is how KingDome was created – the first Croatian glamping dome. Kingdome is a dome equipped with a luxury kitchen and bathroom and high-end home-made designer furniture and is designed as a prefabricated tourist accommodation facility. Its firmness, folding capability in almost any location, superior design and high refinement of all functional and aesthetic details are just some of the benefits of this product in glamping tourism.

Become our representative!

We are looking for sales representatives to expand our business in the international market and to showcase our innovative solutions worldwide. Our desire is a steady, moderate business growth by penetrating new markets and a stronger presence in existing markets.

Benefits for our dealers

  • Exclusive dealership contract with additional benefits in the first year of business
  • Fantastic revenue opportunities from high budget projects
  • Quality recognition and support from a well-established industry leader
  • Work with high-end products with great market potential

What we are looking for

  • The ability to reach and supply local clients
  • Ability to handle projects within set deadlines
  • Preferred experience in related industry – Storage, logistics and construction of temporary prefabricated buildings
  • Continuous monitoring of local market trends

Contact Us

Start your own business as a representative of one of the top manufacturers of geodesic domes, or expand your existing business offer with a new trusted brand.

Our projects

Our employees reflect our quality and success. From idea to realization, commitment to the project in all aspects of performance is guaranteed, as evidenced by numerous satisfied users of our products and services.

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