All roads heading to Rome.

Well, not all but highway A1 from Zagreb surely can direct you via Italia.

Italy is a beautiful country with numerous things to mention, from the cultural heritage, famous personas, fashion or national cuisine, and home of monumental domes from the age of the Roman Empire (google Pantheon).

When we already mentioned the domes…

By now, we had experience working with clients in several European countries, but we somehow always missed projects in Italy.

And finally, June 2022 was the month things fell into place. Along with crossing out some of the numerous things from our Italy bucket list (i.e. food tasting, walking down the Tyrrhenian Sea beaches, exploring the city sights of Rome) we succeeded to build up beautiful domes. 

Villa Ada festival

Our clients in Rome perfectly fitted our Roof Dome 7 and Roof Dome 14 to emphasize the beautiful location in the Rome city center. Located in the northern part of the city, along the Via Salaria in green surrounding, Villa Ada Festival hosted more than 50 concerts on two stages. 

Some of the most interesting and acclaimed artists and bands of the Italian music scene were part of this festival. Among these, Motta, Murubutu + Fastcut & Dead Poets, James Senese, Orchestraccia, Ermal Meta, Almamegretta, Manuel Agnelli, Zen Circus, etc.

Last but not least

As well as Rome – the domes weren’t built in a day – but two. 🙂

Our team managed to handle all challenges of the event industry, rescheduling, licensing, administration and logistics, and together with our clients helped this event shine out,

Our technicians managed to upstand the construction in two days and once again proved our expertise and professional approach by surpassing the challenges every new event site has. 

Kudos to the Kupole assembly team.

Domes on Villa Ada Festival
Domes on Villa Ada Festival
Domes on Villa Ada Festival
Domes on Villa Ada Festival
Domes on Villa Ada Festival
Domes on Villa Ada Festival


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