Domes on the Mars?

We started with the Earth, but who knows?

Back then in 2019, we got a call from Mr. Korado Korlević. Haven’t heard about him? If you aren’t specifically interested in examining the universe and its elements, you probably missed this name. On the other hand, if you are interested in that field you might know that he’s one of the scientific superstars in the area of exploring the universe from the Visnjan observatory.

Observatory on crowdfunding

The observatory he’s managing is part of the world astronomical organization and one of the ten best Astro centers in the world for surveillance of potentially interesting (or let’s say dangerous) asteroids. Korado lives and works in Croatia. That doesn’t bother him but makes him extremely adjustable and creative, as well as a master of getting the most out of the resources.

Although he’s creative, his team of cool science people had to pull him by the jacket to apply his latest project to the crowdfunding campaign and to try to complete his noble goal while fighting with his cynical humor. Read more about it.

Ok, cut to the chase

As the observatory in Višnjan (Croatia) has really small capacities, Korado and his team had the idea for a long time to create a visually attractive space in the field in front of the observatory and not to lose any precious time to start transferring their knowledge to young folks that might get them interested in devoting their lives to explore the universe.

We started consultations on which dome might be the best option for the desired space. We soon figured out that the Dome 14 of 158 m2 interior is the best option, both visually and spatially.

Why dome 14?

Visually, the dome had to be dark (black) inside and silver outside. Why that combination? The current dome on the top of the observatory is silver and this matching is logical. The dark interior is primarily because of the projecting presentations, as well as the whole universe on the tarpaulin.

Besides capacity, some functional and visual requirements had to be fulfilled. First, the dome was planned to be in the location for a few years, which means a few things – the common wooden floor should be on the concrete anchoring, and the dome should have fixed Pvc or aluminum doors.

After the investors finished the anchoring part of the job (by the scheme sent from, our technicians visited Istria and made it happen.

How the process went, take a look at the video.


Dome 14 - in Visnjan Observatory


Visnjan Observatory
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