New Dome 25!

Years of development and refinement of our existing products, adaptation to the needs of the market, and the realization of numerous extracurricular projects that required close cooperation of our creative and technical department led to the development and production of our latest product on offer – KUPOLA 25!

With impressive dimensions – 13 meters high and 25 meters in diameter, the dome covers a total area of ​​500m2, which allows a capacity of 320 people in a banquet setting, 580 in a cinema setting, and up to 1500 people in a cocktail setting. The exceptional height of the dome allows for the construction of up to 2 additional gallery spaces, which also significantly increases the previously mentioned capacities.

Stainless steel galvanized construction weighing 6 tons according to static calculation can handle additional scenic loads of up to 17.5 tons. The PVC cover is made of fire-proof material (B1, M2 DIN EN 13501-1). The dome was certified for gusts up to 25 m / s.

Installation of the dome 25 takes three working days, while disassembly takes two working days.

At this year’s Floraart, it has been erected alongside the other 10 domes at the festival in front of more than 300,000 visitors.

New Dome 25!
New Dome 25!
New Dome 25!
New Dome 25!


Bundek, Zagreb
13. - 19. May 2019.
No. domes

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