How to survive in the hospitality industry at the time of the “new normal”?

In most countries, the situation is easiest to describe in one word – unpredictable. The popular expression that we hear every day, the so-called new normal, seems inevitable in the coming months as well.

One of the sectors that is particularly affected by the current state of the markets is the catering sector, and according to some research, 40% of caterers in Croatia do not expect to survive until the spring of 2021.

Unfortunately, Covid19 is that external factor in business that many hoped would never appear, and that’s why it caught us all by surprise and posed new challenges in searching for the right answers and solving hitherto unknown situations. One of the main questions you are surely asking yourself is how to proceed?

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What solutions do we offer you?

As is to be expected, there are generally no simple answers to complex questions. On the other hand, there are a number of measures that can solve the difficulties that have befallen us, without waiting for the help of the state.

Often throughout history, the thought is repeated that the time of crisis is the time to take advantage of opportunities that once did not seem likely. Developing new products, more than ever – strategically choosing long-term marketing solutions, testing one’s own resourcefulness, adaptability and persistence, are now especially emphasized topics that are posed as challenges every working day in almost all industries.

What we as a company have offered are solutions that are most suitable for periods when significant business presentations in the field of promotion are still more the exception than the rule.

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During the last months, it turned out that our most requested solutions are the Domes with a diameter of 7 and 9 meters, as well as their derivatives in the form of concert roofs and our new product WizDome gazebo.

Why are these products the most sought after?

In the conversation with our clients, several main reasons emerged:

  • the possibility of organizing events with a smaller number of people
  • reduced internal capacities of existing facilities
  • the possibility of organizing smaller corporate events
  • the need for separate (satellite) roofed areas in everyday corporate business, and with regard to epidemiological recommendations
  • flexibility in the terms and duration of the lease
  • refreshment on the market and a favorable option for VIP areas (WizDome gazebo)

Dome 7 can comfortably accommodate more than 50 people, and in the era of the new normal, this number can be reduced according to current measures. It can be set up as a movable object that can be heated in winter, easily ventilated and control capacity occupancy. In addition to being bought, it can also be rented.

The WizDome gazebo is our newest and smallest product, very specific due to its interesting design, wooden construction and extremely fast assembly, even under 30 minutes. It represents a solution that, in addition to the summer version with a textile cover, also has a winter version with a PVC tarpaulin. It is an excellent choice for individuals, restaurants, but also for event organizers. It is currently only available for purchase.


Who already uses our solutions?

An excellent example of taking advantage of the current situation, while respecting preventive health instructions, is the restaurant RougeMarin in Zagreb, which incorporated the WizDome gazebo into its concept in order to attract visitors to its “Beer Garden” throughout the summer season.

With excellent communication and marketing investments, they were able to meet current needs and stabilize attendance, and interest visitors who longed for such concepts.


We hope that some of these ideas will inspire you to venture into the realization of your own.
Send us an inquiry through the contact form and we will do our best to realize your projects quickly and efficiently.

Good luck in your new projects!

How to survive in the hospitality industry at the time of the
How to survive in the hospitality industry at the time of the
How to survive in the hospitality industry at the time of the

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