Roof 9

The 9 was our first roof, the one we tested all our theories with.

We even organized a small music festival (Gričevanje 2011-2015) to promote and test our products. Our prototypes housed dozens of concerts, events and a bunch of different situations. Basically, the 9 can be whatever you need it to be.

Tested for high winds and extreme atmospheric conditions, the 9 is your mid-sized event rock.

Clients have used it as an activation gaming zone, location info points in natural parks and at all kinds of pop-up events, due to our commendable assembly speed. Grouping domes and roofs offer a unique and organically futuristic visual treat for your visitors. 

Roof 9 can be refitted into Dome 9 with some extra parts.

Using additional elements, this roof can be assembled into Dome 9.

Roof 9
Roof 9
Roof 9
Roof 9


9,21 m
5,51 m
Floor area
37/54 m²

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