Roof 12

The 12 is our main stage festival roof, ready to cover large bands and attractions, even entire city squares.

You have seen these babies all over Croatia, at various music festivals such as Zrće, Ultra and beyond. Once, we even built the 12 on top of a barge for Andrea Bocelli.

Like all of our domes, the 12 is highly adaptable, tested for extreme weather and ready for anything. It can be taken down within 4 hours, which makes it ideal for touring bands that like to keep dry.

Custom-designed outer shells can be printed to fit any environment or occasion. Using additional elements, this roof can be assembled into Dome 12.

Roof 12
Roof 12
Roof 12
Roof 12
Roof 12


12.24 m
7,32 m
Floor area
66/96 m²

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