Geodesic Roof 7

Often seen on the streets of Zagreb, during the world-renowned Advent celebration, The Geodesic Roof 7 is our second smallest geo dome roof.

Ideal for city squares and parks, intimate nature locations and concerts of up to 500 people. The Geodesic Roof perfectly protects smaller stage areas and can be built on the ground or over an assembly stage.

With additional elements, the Geodesic Roof 7 can be assembled into Dome 7.

A selection of outer shell materials (transparent, black or white) help it blend in or stand out at any location while offering protection from the elements for performers and the audience.

Like every geodesic dome, it is light, stable and strong. Tested under extreme conditions such as deserted rocks in the open sea, high mountain peaks and woods.

Using additional elements, this roof can be assembled into Dome 7.

Geodesic Roof 7
Geodesic Roof 7
Geodesic Roof 7


6,84 m
4,09 m
Floor area
20/29 m²

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