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If you need a roof over your head that is easy to assemble, tested for extreme weather conditions, stable, safe and strong, do the dome. They’re geodesic. This means they are built of arrays of triangles that form five-eighths or one half of a geodesic sphere making geodesic dome buildings highly resistant to forces such as snow cover, earthquakes, wind and even tornadoes.

We tested them high up in the mountains and on remote islands as roofs, stages, bars and glamping homes. Our Domes can take a lot. The best part is, they come in various colours (black, white, transparent – or whatever you want). If your hotel lacks a conference space or beach bar – there’s a dome for that.

You can connect them with tunnels and add doors to keep out the cold and wind. Dome to dome to roof to dome to whatever configuration you need.

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We have been nothing but pleased with the quality of the products and the excellent service we have received from KUPOLE.

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Quality of the products and the excellent service!

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